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Our Story

Teddy living his best life!

Teddy living his best life!

We love our dogs, your dogs, their dogs and those dogs!!

We love all dogs.

We love patting dogs, walking dogs, training dogs, treating dogs…

Owning and working with many dogs over the years we sure know a lot about life with dogs. We know that life is better with a dog in it.

We also know that dogs & owners alike really enjoy mat training.

For us at Tail Wagz, mat training is a ‘no-brainer’. We appreciate being able to invite guests into our home & workplace while our dogs remaining calmly on their mats, this gives our guests a chance to get safely inside before dishing out the pats! It means our guests are not being ambushed at the front door - safety & comfort; always a plus + !

Dogs love jobs! So it is important to make sure they know when they are off-duty and mat training provides them with this. They appreciate knowing where their safe place and this is extra beneficial when it can go everywhere with them!

Our mats are made to make life with your best friend & all their accessories easier! So we make them pretty, stylish, comfortable, durable, plus with handles or shoulder straps and we have different ranges depending on yours and your dog’s lifestyle.

If you have a manufacturing suggestion please let us know, we will be happy to try out new things!